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The basic element of Data Technology is the "electronic record" and its relevant metadata. One of the foundational applicationS of Data Technology is the Enterprise Records Management (ERM) solution.

Defensor Dynamics, and its HUBZone joint venture partners, can deliver either an end-to-end ERM solution or various  modular phases of ERM. This modular, scalable and versatile ERM solution provides broad capabilities, intuitive user-interface and familiar office automation applications.



Includes all or portions of:

  1. Digital scanning of paper/analog files and other analog formats

  2. OCR, indexing and metadata tagging of records

  3. Consolidating newly-digitized paper files with existing digital files

  4. Curating and categorizing the electronic records

  5. Integrating the consolidated digital files into a NARA M-12-18 Compliant or DOD 5015.2 Approved ERM system software

  6. Onsite storage and intelligent archiving

  7. Cybersecurity and backup solutions to protect records

  8. Migrating data records to the Cloud, if needed